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The Office RPG, totally unproductive
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Hey there! This is Emy, your friendly neighborhood mod. Welcome to
Dunder_Mif_Rpg. This game has been on hiatus for quite a while, but I'm hoping we can get it rolling again really soon! Right now I'm working really hard to get everything looking spiffy so that we can get this up and running asap.


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1. No real life drama in the RPG. If you have a problem with someone in the game, bring it to the mod. Do not take it out on their character. If there is a problem contact me and we will work things out. That is what I am here for. Save the drama for the characters. I’m not asking you to love all of the players, but please at least try to get along. If there is an OOC problem, we will handle it OUT OF CHARACTER.

2. If you have questions, ask. If you have doubts, ask. If you are confused, ask. There are no stupid questions and we are all figuring out this together. So don’t be afraid to ask a question or suggest a new way of doing things. Your question won’t get answered if you don’t ask it. :)

3. No god-modding. It’s rude and unfair to the other players. Don't take control of someone else's character that is not your own without their explicit permission. Just don’t do it. Also, do not make assumptions about other characters or decisions that will directly affect someone else’s character without their permission. For example, this post would not fly. “One day in the break room Jim came up to Pam and said “Pam, will you marry me?” Pam’s eyes filled with tears and she said “Yes!”.

If “Jim” posted this, then he would be assuming that Pam would say yes. If “Pam” had posted it, she would be assuming that Jim would ask. Either way, it is god-modding. While these plots are fine and dandy, the muns for the chracters need to talk about it and decide if they want to play the game that way.

4. Make your English teachers proud. Grammar is very important, as is spelling. Please run your writing through a spell check before you post it, or ask someone for help in some grammar. Livejournal has a very nice little spell checker. Please use it.

5. One character per person. For now, let’s try to stick to 1 character per person. If we don’t have enough people play all of the necessary characters, we will open the opportunity for multiple characters. It wouldn’t be any fun if Jim and Dwight were played by the same person, right?

6. Plots. If you have an idea for a major plot, email or IM the mods and let us know! We're always open to suggestions and new ideas. You only need to run a plot by a mod if your idea affects multiple characters or would cause a major shift (like someone moving, or getting pregnant etc), if it is not a huge change and will really only affect your character and one other, just talk to the other character about it. If there’s a problem with it, we will let you know.

7. Activity Policy. There will be a 2 week activity policy. This means that every two weeks I will be checking to see who hs been active in the past two weeks and who has not. If you have not been active in two weeks, I will contact you and we will talk. If it persists, then you may be asked to leave the community. This policy isn’t being instated because we don’t like you or because we don’t want you to play, it’s because we want the game to stay alive. If you are going to be away for a while or on hiatus, this policy will not affect you. It’s like an excused absence.

8. Ways to be active. There are many different ways that this game can be played. Characters can send out emails to other characters that can go to everyone in the game, or just specific people. Make entries in your character’s journal. Comment in other character’s journals. Smaller plots can be posted as entries in the community and can be either opened to all, or only opened to some. Those who are allowed can create a log through replying in comments and the game can be played through LJ comments.

Also, the game can be played using AIM/MSN/Yahoo/[insert your preferred IM client here]. Characters may play through a plot via an IM conversation and then post the log to the community. To post an IM log, one needs to remove screen names and times and non-plot material before posting (and they should be run through a spell check, see rule 4), so it’s a bit of extra effort, but playing directly with another character can be fun.

9. Chatrooms. Occasionally I will host a chatroom where all players can get together and talk to each other about the game and plots, or to just get a little closer as a community. I still need to figure out how to do this to get everyone involved since many people use different IM clients, but if a chatroom is going to take place, there will be a post on the OOC community.

10. Talk to your fellow players. This game will be fun if characters interact with each other and if their muns interact, too. We have a really fantastic group of people playing and we should all try to get in touch with each other. There is a contact list with screen names so you can RP with characters through IM logs and so you can get to know your fellow rp-ers better.

11. OOC Community. This is the place to post if you’re going to be away, on hiatus, if you’re quitting the game, if there’s something you want everyone to know, basically anything that is out of character. Any announcements will go here as well.

12. Sex and relationships. The characters of The Office are adults so we can assume that they want to and do occasionally partake in sexual gratification, a.k.a Teh Sexx0rz, doing the nasty, sexual intercourse, or what have you. If your characters want to pursue a (consensual) sexual relationship with another character make SURE that you have the permission of the other party involved and that you and the other character’s mun have agreed on taking the relationship that way. Posts containing sexual content need to be marked as such.

Relationships need to make sense. Dwight would not make a pass at Kelly, so you can’t have them making out in the kitchen. It doesn’t make sense. Feel free to use homosexual content, but only if your character is gay. Pam and Angela would most likely not have sex on the table in the conference room. If it doesn’t make sense in the relationships of your characters, don’t do it. Don’t have your character interact with a friend’s character in a way that they normally wouldn’t. It just doesn’t make sense. Feel free to explore a bit outside of what is strictly canon, but try to keep it believable for The Office.

13. HAVE FUN! That’s what this game is all about! J

After joining the community with your In Character journal, please follow these steps:

Join the OOC community: dunder_mif_ooc (you NEED to join this).

Go to the FRIEND ALL post here This will friend your character with everyone else in the game, thus saving you all lots of time. (You also need to do this. Please do so ever so often as we continue to get more members).

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line:
email: Neilegni@gmail.com
AIM: Nei Legni
Yahoo: leau_courante
MSN: NeiLegni@hotmail.com

Fill out the application, read the rules and have fun!

Please join the community after your application is accepted because if you do so before, I don't know who you are. :)

Also, please consider downloading AIM and creating an account. The majority of players use this client and it would make it much easier for us all to communicate.